How To Make Liquid Culture From A Spore Syringe

How To Make Liquid Culture From A Spore Syringe

How To Make Liquid Culture From A Spore Syringe. Don’t utilize the mushroom spore syringe with liquid culture. This will assist in breaking up clumps of mycelium later on.

How To Make Liquid Culture From A Spore SyringeHow To Make Liquid Culture From A Spore Syringe
Black Morel Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe Spore Free Live Etsy from

Add a piece of glass marble or a magnetic stir rod. One flush will give you all the prints you will ever need, and for. Inside most spore syringes are thousands/millions of.

Add A Piece Of Glass Marble Or A Magnetic Stir Rod.

Lion’s mane will also grow well on the “master’s mix”. Remove the shot glass/small dish from the pressure cooker. Do not shake until 30% colonized.

Place Modified Lid On Each Mason Jar And Cover With A Piece Of Aluminium Foil.

Let this grow out and then when it is fully grown out take to still air box and using sterile methods place a colonized popcorn directly onto agar. Insert syringe and inject 1cc of liquid culture. Bore a small hole big enough for a syringe needle in the lid/screw cap of your jar.

Let’s First Talk About Capacity.

Higher spawn rates are effective with lions mane, increasing the chances that full colonisation will take place. Essentially the liquid culture recipe consists simply of 1g of lme (or 24ml of honey) per 600ml of water. Flame sterilize needle until it is glowing red.

The Video Above Will Explain Everything You Need To Know About Inoculating Substrate Bags Using A Liquid Culture Syringe.

Let’s first talk about capacity. Now you are ready to make the spore syringes. Get your spore print and clean glass and get it setup in your still air box or in front of your laminar flow hood.

You Can Inoculate This Nutrient Solution With Either A Multispore Syringe Or Spore Print, Mushroom Fruiting Body, Or Another Mushroom Liquid Culture.

Please choose from the following list, and include your choice for what liquid culture you woud like in the order notes or send us an email at [email protected] Shake needle to spread out current mycelium. (half pints work best for this).

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