How To Finish Butcher Block For Desk

How To Finish Butcher Block For Desk

How To Finish Butcher Block For Desk. I used it on my end grain cherry butcher block and it looks great and keeps it from absorbing quarts of mineral oil. See the “ cutting your butcher block ” tutorial for more information.

How To Finish Butcher Block For DeskHow To Finish Butcher Block For Desk
Butcher Block Finishes Popular Woodworking Magazine from

A wood conditioner is a sealer which makes the wood resist stain. You might also need to use a dye stain if the color comes out too light. Then apply a second coat again on all surfaces.

I Bought Varathane Gel Oil Stain And Originally Bought.

Rub in pure molten wax. Finishing butcher block for a desk. Use a track saw, or similar to break down your standard butcher block counter top into main desk top, and any legs (as required).

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Repeat two or three times before you use it, and whenever the wood dulls. Apply mineral spirits to the top and allow to dry. After an exhaustive search, i sourced this rubberwood butcher block from lowe’s and purchased one 8′ two 6′ slabs.

Then Apply A Second Coat Again On All Surfaces.

I second the general finishes salad bowl finish from rockler. If you are going to stain it or use a walnut watco finish you should first use a wood conditioner. You need to put on the first coat of water polyurethane on all surfaces with a foam brush not just the top and sides.when it has completely dried lightly sand it with higher grit sand paper.

So The Butcher Block Is Resting On That “Lip” And The Two Drawer Units On Each Side.

Comments (8) i think by far the easiest finish is food grade mineral oil. I then marked and predrilled holes for my screws, and then secured the hardware using 4 x screws for. You can’t see it in the picture, but cy took a 6 foot 2×4 and drilled it into the studs of the wall at the height that we wanted the desk.

For The First Application Of Salad Bowl Finish Keep Applying It Until The Wood Won't Absorb Any More.

Follow these basic butcher block finish tips on your first installation. Sand and remove everything until you have a smooth finish. If you use it definitely finish your top outside or in a garage with the door open i used 5 coats on my kitchen tops.

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